Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wake me up when I'm being moved to the corner office

I'm getting a little worried that my generation might soon develop a bad rap. We aren't all spoiled brats who want to live off of our parents and slack our way to the top!

Although I do appreciate Penelope Trunk's vote of confidence for the soul searching twentysomething, I do think that enough can certainly be enough.

Penelope asks parents to give their kids a break and slow down with the life lectures, but when does the time come for these parents to quit giving their kids breaks? 

We have been babied and protected our entire lives and I think that security blanket it is holding us back. I mean, even birds push their babies out of the nest eventually!

And how do employers REALLY feel about our personalities and demands? Can we really be so ignorant to think that these hardworking career people will just bend over backwards for us?

I doubt it is going to be that simple, we are going to need to problem solve and think on our feet. The only hands we should be holding out should be filled with firm business handshakes, not with spending money for the weekend out at the bar.

Soul searching and self realization can be done on the job, it doesn't have to be reserved for the couches of our parents' living rooms. 

We need to prove that we will be good employees and that we aren't going to make demands and expect things to be handed to us. We are here to work hard, struggle, and prosper, and we will prove this potential stereotype wrong.

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