Sunday, November 25, 2007

New isn't always better

I love meeting new people and expanding my network. Whether I am at a college football game or a party, I'm usually one of the more social personalities in the room.

But sometimes I get to thinking and I conclude that there is nothing like old friends.

The holidays are a great time to get together with old friends and reconnect. Whether you get together around a dinner table or around a bar, it is always nice to pick up where you left off with life long friends.

Because, you see, you don't have to tell those friends your life story like you do with new friends; they already know. And you don't have to defend your opinions with old friends because they saw how you were brought up.

You know all the old stories and share all the same laughs, you always will.

Maybe the best part about old friends is that they are connected to your family in a way that new friends aren't. I love knowing that I can go hang out with my friends' parents even when they aren't home and that I always have a seat at their dinner table.

As I near my cross-country move I am realizing more and more that I will miss those friends and connections. I am excited to meet new friends and live a new life, but it will definitely be a new experience.

You can't replace the people you grew up with and I would never want to.


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Chris said...

great thoughts...and nice name!

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