Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music is my...

A great song can put you back at a special place in time. 

It can change your mood and get your body moving.

The songs that make up the soundtrack to my life are also finding their way into the heads of consumers.

The more I watch TV lately, the more i hear amazing songs that make me love a product and Apple is the main culprit.

The new iPhone commercial has a great song by CSS that really makes you move and peeks interest.

The newest iPod nano commercial has helped Feist gain some well deserved notoriety.

So with the emerging popularity of some of my favorite songs on the tube, I figured I'd link to some other artists that currently have me grooving.

Cold War Kids, a group of guys from Long Beach, California that just rocked the Crystal on Friday

Pitchfork Media is also a great site for indie music.

If you'd like more personal picks of mine, drop me a note and I'll pass something great along your way!

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