Sunday, November 11, 2007

Facebook: The book EVERYBODY is reading...

(Circa 1992):
You finally finished your fort down in your basement. You and your friends are talking, laughing, and making plans for all the cool things you can do in your fort...then your older brother comes into the room and destroys the whole thing. Not a good feeling.

(Present day):
If you are like me, you are probably experiencing that same feeling right now about Facebook. Why is it that somebody always has to come in and change things and ruin the fun?

I know, i know. I've been told 25 times to monitor my Facebook account because it isn't just a place to post drunken college pictures anymore. But as far as I'm concerned it still is.

I've come to terms with the fact that employers and recruiters are trolling through Facebook, checking in on applicants and trying to decide if those candidates fit their cultures. But I'm not going to 'clean up' my Facebook page to make a good impression.

Here is my formal announcement to the world: I HAD FUN IN COLLEGE!

If that is a problem for you, then maybe I'm not who you are looking for.

College is a time to experience things, make mistakes, make those mistakes again, and then try and learn something from those experiences. And I think I have.

So when you come looking me, Mr. Employer Man, you are going to get me. Chris Schroeder. Fun, outgoing, willing to take risks, willing to laugh about mistakes, willing to be a REAL person.

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