Sunday, October 21, 2007

The theme of our generation

Just Do It, Built Ford Tough, The Freshmaker...does it really even matter anymore?

Well, according to Laura Ries and her blog The Origin of Brands, it does. Apparently the unpopular slogan for the city of Atlanta, 'Every day is an opening day', is finally getting pulled and she is happy about. The meaningless slogan seemed to under-sell Atlanta to those who were listening.

But the reality of the situation might be that there aren't that many people listening. I have no knowledge of the Atlanta slogan fiasco and I'm not coming down on Laura Ries' argument, but it seems to me that these days many slogans are falling on deaf ears.

As a 'Millenial' or 'Gen-Yer', I have to admit that I feel numbed by the amount of slogans and branding campaigns that have blown by my face, and flown in one ear and out the other. I really don't know if slogans are as relevant as some people think they are.

I have never purchased a product for the catchy slogan and I don't really know how the Built Ford Tough and Like a Rock slogans affect car-buyer decisions, but what would really make me look into a company and their new product would be something so quiet that it was loud.

So maybe next time a company wants to make a big bang in the lives of my generation, they should do something as simple as paying for a silent commercial. Music to my ears.

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