Sunday, October 21, 2007

'O' so good

You've got to feel sorry for Oprah...

Wait, I know what you are thinking: that sentence makes no sense, and why is a 22-yr-old male blogging about Oprah? Just hold steady for second and enjoy the ride of this post.

The one reason to feel sorry for Oprah is that she made the large mistake of titling her magazine 'O'. The reason that is such a mistake is that The University of Oregon, with the help of Nike and Wieden+Kennedy, did such an amazing job branding the 'O' for Oregon Athletics that soon it will be synonymous with cutting edge sports around the country.

After spending Saturday tailgating in Seattle and watching the Ducks obliterate the hated Huskies from the University of Washington, I realized the power of the Oregon O that is slapped on nearly every piece of apparel our school sells.

Instead of discussing game schemes and tough defenses with Husky fans, I spent a large portion of the festivities talking about our uniforms and ridiculous marketing schemes. It seems that most opposing fans aren't big fans of our flashy gear. Too bad we aren't recruiting them, or are we?

I've done a fair share of traveling around the country and I've also lived abroad in Spain, always discussing The University of Oregon with people I meet. It has been my experience that people usually know our beloved Ducks quite well and their familiarity with our jerseys is quite impressive too.

Love it or hate it, Oregon is a Nike school. We have more ridiculous outfits than Kanye West and it won't be slowing down anytime soon. We have been lucky enough to be branded by one of the best marketing/ad agencies in the world.

So go ahead and complain all you want about how ugly that lightning yellow is. OR just get over it and go buy a shirt for yourself. You might look pretty smart and stylish if/WHEN the Ducks win a BCS bowl game!

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